Abel James On Ancestral Eating, Intermittent Fasting, Spiritual Work, Upgrading the Brain with Music and Much More!

Recreating ourselves and following our true calling, bringing meaning to the world and having success and fun along the way is something many of us are looking to do. Especially during these times of uncertainty we’re collectively going through a present. How do we find out what we truly want and what the world needs, or maybe is missing? How do we go about becoming successful creators, elevating ourselves and those around us by our mission?

My guest today knows a lot about that. He has been rightfully called a modern day Renaissance man. Abel James is a New York Times best-selling author, known amongst others for his book, The Wild Food Diet. He’s also a top 10 app developer, award-winning talk show host and serial entrepreneur. And he has been named as one of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness. He’s the host of the award-winning Fat Burning Man show rated an Apple number one health podcast in eight countries with over 50 million downloads.

And as a coach to the coaches, Abel has worked with thousands of people across the world to optimize performance, mindset, health and longevity. Abel is also a musician and has toured North America and Europe. And on top of that he’s also a poet. His new book of irreverent poetry, Designer Babies Still Get Scabies, is a number one international bestseller in humor.

In my conversation with Abel James you will hear…

02:54 Abel’s backstory and growing up in a wacky health world

06:46 Crawling out of rock bottom

09:33 The ancestral way of eating and fueling your body

12:29 Strategic feeding patterns

15:20 Intermittent fasting windows

18:54 What Abel’s spiritual work looks like

24:30 The inspiration behind Abel’s book ”Designer Babies Still get Scabies”

27:50 The dark side of social media: shadow banning and paying to reach your own audience

33:00 Online censorship, the value of data and making grocery money from blockchain

38:45 Why brain implants won’t save us, according to Abel and why he says not to wait for tech to save you

42:00 Combining creativity with making money

46:40 Abel’s tools to develop creative craft

49:31 Using music to upgrade your brain

54:15 Abel’s practices

Resources mentioned:

Fatburning Man

Abel’s website

Designer Babies Still Get Scabies Abel’s latest book