Adrienne Jezick on Deliberate Cold Exposure, the Morozko Method, and Everything About Ice Baths

Today’s episode is going to be very chilled out.

I have been into cold exposure to help manage my anxiety as well as recovery from workouts and also to boost immunity for a while now, and it has been an incredible tool for enhancing my overall health and performance. But it still takes me tremendous willpower to get into an ice bath every time. My guest today is a truly cool woman, who does not have this issue and who knows how to overcome it.

Adrienne Jezick is a cold coach and co-founder of the Morozko Forge Ice Bath. And her story of healing physically, emotionally and spiritually is powerful and amazing, because she did it with cold water. Adrienne’s experience is about the healing and strength we can harness when we move beyond our discomfort. Adrienne was diagnosed with three autoimmune diseases in 2013, which set her on her journey of healing. In 2017 she started her practice of Deliberate Cold Exposure via cold water immersion, and since is free from the debilitating illness symptoms and is helping others to do the same.

Adrienne created the Morozko Method, a sensory immersion meditation technique for Deliberate Cold Exposure and she is also the host of the Morozco Method Podcast, where she shares how her spiritual approach to ice bath therapy has transformed her physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

In this episode with Adrienne Jezick, you’ll hear:

-Adrienne’s journey to embracing the extreme cold; three auto immune diseases had her willing to try anything to feel better…03:20

-The nine second miracle; her first ice bath…08:30

-The incredible pain relief benefits last at least a full day after her first ice bath; the more often she bathed in ice, the longer the results lasted…13:20

-The primary benefits of cold exposure are inflammation reduction, a surge of dopamine and norepinephrine, metabolism boost, and immune system boost…15:10

-The auto immune body is like a dog without a job; an immune system with nothing to do gets into mischief…17:15

-Around the fourth ice bath she Adrienne was able to stay in for a full 2 minutes; it was a mindful meditative clarity that allowed time to pass quickly in the ice…20:30

-Adrienne’s tips for making cold exposure therapy more enjoyable as well as modalities to pair it with, including her own Morozko Method…26:20

-Our bodies were made to experience a great diversity of sensations…30:15

-Adrienne describes how ice baths will change your life physically and mentally…31:15

-Emotional and mental empowerment from deliberately embracing discomfort changed her relationship to her body and autoimmune diseases…33:45

-People use ice baths for a variety of reasons, here are several…35:55

-The reason you are avoiding ice baths is likely the reason you need to try ice baths; and some safety considerations for certain individual circumstances…38:20

-Cryotherapy is another popular cold exposure modality, but ice baths penetrate deeper into the skin…41:40

-Pre and Post workout benefits of ice baths…42:50

-Morozko Forge Ice Bath; the unique aspects of this incredible wellness product…44:15

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