Dr. Joshua Levitt: The Maverick Physician Flipping the Script on Health, One Herb at a Time

Welcome to another groundbreaking episode of Superhumanize, where we sit down with the legendary Dr. Joshua Levitt. Imagine this: a doctor who doesn’t just prescribe pills but delves deep into the roots of your pain, combining the art of ancient healing with the precision of modern science. Dr. Levitt isn’t your typical naturopathic physician; he’s a trailblazer in the realm of natural medicine, a visionary who sees beyond the constraints of conventional healthcare.

Think about the last time you felt truly listened to by a doctor. That’s Dr. Levitt’s realm – he’s not just a healer; he’s a listener, an innovator, and a real-life health wizard. With a degree in physiology from UCLA and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University, he’s got the credentials. But it’s his over two decades of clinical experience, his role in shaping future doctors at Yale, and his pioneering work at UpWellness that set him apart. He has helped thousands of patients with natural solutions to common, chronic, and complex medical problems. His primary focus is on painful orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions and helping people understand and treat their pain at the source.

This episode isn’t just a chat; it’s a journey through the uncharted territories of health and wellness. We’ll dive into the mysteries of joint pain, explore the potent power of herbs and nutrition against inflammation, and uncover the secrets of adaptogenic herbs like medicinal mushrooms. Dr. Levitt is here to challenge what you thought you knew about pain management, gut health, and the delicate balance between our mind and body.

Gear up for a conversation where conventional medicine meets its natural counterpart, and that has the power to transform your understanding of health. Get ready to be inspired, to question, and to discover a new horizon of health possibilities.

In this episode with Dr. Levitt, you’ll discover:

-What is “alternative medicine” and how can it complement, or even replace conventional medicine?…03:52

-How does one go about navigating the dramatically different paradigms of conventional and alt medicine?…06:35

-Are conventional docs searching for answers to unsolvable problems through alt medicine?…09:45

-Josh shares success stories in his alt medicine practice…11:46

-Nutritional and herbal solutions that can effectively reduce inflammation in the body…14:50

-What are adaptogenic herbs, and how can we incorporate them into our wellness routines?…22:30

-How do you know which wellness products on the market have a truly purpose-driven ethos in business?…26:40

-How Josh ensures the highest possible amounts of bioavailability in his products…32:10

-Potential downsides and limitations of relying solely on conventional approaches and not opening up to alternative medicine…41:23

-Crucial factors in choosing a doctor who will more or less determine your long-term health…43:40

-“It’s tragic that the insurance companies don’t place a premium on things like diet, exercise, etc.”…47:30

-A personal practice that has Superhumanized Josh’s life…52:31

-And much more!

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