Dr. Eben Alexander On Meeting God, The Death of Materialism, The Necessity of Evil for True Growth, The Nature Of Consciousness And More

What if everything we were taught about consciousness by conventional science in the past was wrong? And what if there was proof that heaven exists?

Imagine being a distinguished brain-surgeon, teaching at Harvard and you are convinced there is no afterlife. Until all of a sudden your brain dies and you are on life-support for seven days. And during these seven days you travel to the other side and meet God. 

This is the story of Dr. Eben Alexander. The American neurosurgeon’s book Proof of Heaven debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and his latest book Living in a Mindful Universe is a compelling introduction to the current paradigm shift in science, where the old nihilistic worldview where consciousness is merely a side effect of brain activity is now being replaced by the idea that consciousness is the fundamental basis of what defines and makes reality itself. 

Dr. Eben Alexander’s take on consciousness, mind, soul and love offers a compass to navigate the trying times of conflict and confusion we are currently experiencing. In this interview he not only talks about life after death, but also how to live a more meaningful existence right here and now and how his Near Death Experience completely changed his old worldview, which was until then, completely materialistic.

In this interview with Eben Alexander, you’ll discover:

-The “Amnesia of the Divine”…02:49

-How quantum physics has debunked the pseudo-science of materialism…07:00

-Eben recounts his encounter with the Divine…12:45

-How and when the “materialistic” worldview came in vogue around the world…21:33

-How reconnecting with the spiritual realm eases anxiety and fear in this life…25:42

-Prayer and living in a mindful universe…31:32

-Why evil is necessary for personal and communal growth…37:40

-What to say to those who maintain this life has no meaning…42:37

-Ethical concerns over advances in the realm of extending our physical presence on Earth…49:25

-Self-love as it relates to interconnectedness with others…54:04

-Eben’s best personal practice…

Resources mentioned:

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Dr. Larry Dossey’s book One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part Of A Greater Consciousness And Why It Matters

Steve Taylor’s book Spiritual Science: Why Science Needs Spirituality To Make Sense Of The World

Pim van Lommel’s book Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science Of The Near Death Experience

Institute of Noetic Sciences project on Spontaneous Remission

Dr. Kelly A. Turner’s book Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

Radical Remission Project website

Edward F. Kelly’s books

Beyond Physicalism: Toward Reconciliation Of Science And Spirituality

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