Why Everything You Know About Water May Be Wrong: Elisabeth Muhr On The 8 Parameters of Healthy Water, Consuming Natural water vs Engineered Water, Asbestos In Tap Water And More

Research has found that the three leading causes of death—heart disease, cancer, and stroke—are caused predominantly by poor nutrition. While genetic factors do have an impact, it is possible to either accelerate disease processes or reverse them, through food choices. And water is an essential part of that. The water we consume has a profound impact on our immune system, our performance, our wellbeing and all over health.

Today I am talking to an expert on water. Elisabeth Muhr is a passionate advocate for improving global drinking water and an acknowledged expert in hydrobiology. She graduated from Vienna’s University of Environmental Engineering in Environmental Engineering and Ecology, and was a visiting lecturer at Cal Poly Pomona teaching “Ecology Applied to Landscape Architecture.” Additionally, the Austrian Tyrolian Government tapped her expertise to evaluate the ecological impact of hydropower plants and the influence of highways on ecology and human well-being.

Elisabeth is also the Co-Founder of Hallstein Water, a company renown for producing the highest quality drinking water in the world, emanating from an artesian aquifer, 700 ft deep in a layer of rock beneath the Dachstein mountain in Austria. It is the only water not pumped, filtered or treated, neither chemically nor mechanically.

In this discussion, you’ll hear…

– The history of Hallstein Water…05:55

– Why marketing and packaging of water is so confusing ad often purposefully misleading…10:05

-Debunking common beliefs on so called “healthy” water…13:00

  • Reverse osmosis machines
  • Ionization machines
  • Alkaline water and babies

-The quality, or lack thereof, of our tap water…17:40

  • Infrastructure problem leads to asbestos being found in tap water
  • 2% of tap water is consumed
  • 98% is used
  • Some big name brands selling filtered tap water as bottled wate

– The 8 core parameters of good water quality…21:30


Resources Mentioned:

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