Igniting the Spark Within: Reverend Julie Moret on Finding Your Life’s ‘What’ and Embracing Spiritual Wholeness

Today we bring you a voice that speaks profound truths of living a life ignited by personal inspiration and spiritual wisdom. I’m thrilled to welcome Reverend Julie Moret. She is an author, speaker, and coach known for her work across a wide spectrum of audiences, including Fortune 500 executives, Academy Award winners, and several New York Times Best Selling authors. She is also a prominent figure at the Agape International Spiritual Center, serving as both a minister and a member of the Executive Leadership Board.

Julie’s journey is a testament to the power of awakening—to the brilliant potential that unfolds when we dare to ask ‘What’s Your What?’ Her book by the same name has topped reading lists and she is also a speaker who has graced the TEDx stage with her compelling insights. Julie was knighted by the Order of the Orthodox Knights of St. John Russian Grand Priory alongside Jack Canfield, Don Miguel Ruiz, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Lisa Nichols. Her teachings and strategies encourage us to peel back the layers of shoulds and in doing so, discover the vibrant core of our being in order to live authentically and fully.

Episode highlights:

-Ariane invites Julie to say a blessing over the interview…01:54

-Julie is asked to define purpose, in keeping with the theme of her book, What’s Your What?…05:20

-The planet is a giant radio; which frequency are you tuning into?…10:17

-“In order to get to that clear thinking brain state, my survival brain has to be soothed”…15:23

-Julie tells us about her upcoming venture to scale Mt. Everest!…22:27

-Reconnect with your “no” so you can live out your “yes”…30:14

-How in this day and age can we curate a supportive community?…39:08

-Instead of looking for it, create it…42:55

-How to connect with Julie and the Agape Center…48:10

-And much more!

Resources mentioned:

Julie Moret’s website

Agape Live


What’s Your What by Rev. Julie Moret

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