Jillian Richardson On The Loneliness Epidemic And How To Find Our Tribe And Create The Community We All Crave

Connection, the feeling to belong is a deep human desire. And at present it feels like we are experiencing a loneliness epidemic. How can we find our tribe and how can we build and maintain a healthy community?

Today’s guest Jillian Richardson is on a mission to make the world less lonely. She is a connection coach and founder of The Joy List (a weekly newsletter featuring events in NYC where you can “come alone and leave with a friend) and the author of Unlonely Planet: How Healthy Congregations Can Change the World.

In this episode with Guest Name, you’ll discover:

-How Jillian overcame a loss of connection to become obsessed with connection…01:55

-The root cause of loneliness in our society…06:46

-Why do we feel lonely, even when we’re around other people?…10:15

-Why it’s more difficult to make friends as an adult…12:25

-How to “find your tribe” and create the community you crave…14:55

-Jillian’s best practice for life…20:20

-And much more!

Resources mentioned:

Jillian’s website


Un-Lonely Planet: How Healthy Congregations Can Change the World