Liquid Love and Calm Focus: When Ancient Botanical Wisdom Meets Modern Science with JW Ross

In a rapidly evolving world, many of us are looking to ancient wisdom and nature for answers. Answers to heal, to enhance, and to deeply connect with our inner selves. Today’s guest is a student and a steward of that journey. JW Ross, founder and mastermind behind Botanic Tonics, has been trailblazing a path where ancient botanical wisdom meets modern science. A true enthusiast of the power of plants, JW has not only harnessed the profound effects of traditional remedies like kava and kratom but has alchemised them to meet today’s needs. JW has always been at the forefront of innovation, being the brain behind the plant-based tonic known as Feel Free.

Originally carving a path as a successful oil magnate in Texas, his triumphs in the corporate world were shadowed by struggles with alcohol addiction. The turning point came after a challenging stint in rehab, leading him to renounce alcohol entirely and dramatically shift his career trajectory. In his quest for healing and self-discovery following his recovery, JW journeyed through the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. It was here that he encountered ancient botanical medicines, which have long been embraced both socially, in ritual and for wellness. Inspired by these natural remedies, JW became deeply committed to developing a herbal alternative that could offer the euphoria of alcohol without its negative repercussions. Through extensive experimentation and refinement, he crafted a blend, which has since evolved into the wildly successful Feel Free Tonic recipe.

Through Botanic Tonics, JW offers the world a taste of nature’s magic – bottled and delivered with passion. His story is more than about botanicals, it’s about innovation, commitment to the environment, and ethical entrepreneurship.

I invite you to join our conversation about the fascinating world of plant-based wellness, as we explore the mysteries, the science, and the future of nature’s remedies with JW Ross.

In this episode with JW, you’ll discover:

-The near tragic inspiration behind the founding of Botanic Tonics…03:30

-The history and cultural significance of kratom and kava plants, and how they differ from alcohol…11:00

-Krato originates in SE Asia, various classifications, and their similarities to Kava…18:30

-People who favor an optimal lifestyle are huge fans of Kava…21:30

-Misconceptions about kava, and efforts to control it at the governmental level…27:00

-How to work kratom and kava into your existing diet and supplement protocol…31:30

-The most misunderstood thing about kava…36:00

-Why Botanic Tonics is facing class-action lawsuits, and JW’s strategy for confronting them…45:00

-How Botanic Tonics is addressing environmental and sustainability issues we’re currently facing…49:00

-Various kava and kratom formulations recently released, and what’s coming next!…51:15

-A heartwarming story of how Kava has helped to reunite a disjointed family…54:15

-The key differentiator when introducing a new product into the health and wellness space, particularly when it comes to drinks…57:30

-JW’s best personal practice…1:02:30

-And much more!

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JW Ross’ website

Botanic Tonics

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