Kato Wittich On Rosen Method, Family Constellations, Epigenetics And The Power Of Resonance

A question many of us ask ourselves is: Why am I the way I am? Our lives are shaped by unconscious patterns and we often deal with issues that are preventing us from living fully and richly. Resolving these challenges can be a lifelong quest and sometimes feel like we are throwing darts in the dark.

My guest today is dedicated to illuminating and healing these aspects of our being. Katarina Wittich, better known as Kato, is a Rosen therapist and family constellations facilitator. Kato was part of the panel of experts on the Netflix series Sex Love and Goop, hosted by actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow. Family Constellations, the method Kato uses to examine and help shift her client’s undesirable behavior patterns, is based on the perspective that our dysfunctional patterns do not come solely from our own life experiences. 

Instead, they are usually deeply rooted family patterns that once served a purpose, often survival related, but now are detrimental and hinder us from living our lives fully.

Kato facilitates restoring flow into her client’s lives by bringing forth what was previously repressed, so that these unconscious patterns can be acknowledged and then released and no longer need to be repeated.

In this episode you will hear:

-Kato’s professional background in film and her journey to the present…02:55

-Our health is more than physical health, there can be emotional un-wellness…07:10

-Scientific studies exploring generational trauma and epigenetics…09:10

-Learn to be with what is…13:35

-An explanation of the Rosen method…15:05

-How to be comfortable with a loss of control; embrace being lost…19:35

-The relationship between early hunter-gatherer groups and our nervous systems…24:00

-Growing up with atheist fathers; how childhood experiences shape perception of the world…29:50

-Kato lives life as a major skeptic of everything…32:15

-Family Constellations: a primer…35:00

-How resonators resonate with other people…38:00

-We have natural skills of co-regulation from our ancient ancestors…42:15

-The patterns that come to us from previous generations were usually survival strategies…44:45

-The success rate of family constellations (it’s very, very good!)…48:30

-The process of supporting clients through this work…51:20

-We each need to face our own grief in order to be whole…56:15

-We get to become painters with ever expanding palettes as a result of this work…59:45

-Practices Kato loves: Rosen method, grounding work, physical self-love…1:05:55

-The places that are most hurt in us don’t trust as much…1:12:15

Guest’s Bio

Based in Los Angeles, Katarina (Kato) Wittich has been midwifing others in their journey toward wholeness for over twenty years. Her primary modalities are the somatic therapy practice of Rosen method and the powerful group phenomenological practice of Family Constellations.


Kato’s Website