Matt Maruca On Light Therapy, Mitochondria the Human Battery, Why Humans Have Disconnected From Our Greatest Energy Source And Suppressed Science that Helps Us Understand Human Physiology

We are beings of Light. And I’m not talking metaphysically here, but biophysically. Our human body emits and communicates with biophotons. These are electromagnetic waves of light. And they are fundamental for our vital functions. We can not see biophotons with the naked eye, but they can be measured with special tools.

The lack of natural sun light and the overexposure to junk light, the artificial light that has become so ubiquitous in our lives, can have devastating effects on our health.

My guest today is Matt Maruca. He is the founder of Ra Optics, making science-based blue light protection glasses preferred by leading health experts. He teaches about how sunlight is essential for optimal health and how the indoor technology-based lifestyle is responsible for the epidemic of chronic disease. He is also the creator of The Light Diet, a diet that directly addresses the root of the modern chronic disease epidemic and mitochondrial dysfunction.

In this conversation with Matt, you’ll discover:

-Matt’s personal health history as inspiration for him to become the best version of himself and one of the world’s youngest biohackers…02:00

-A thorough explanation of mitochondria as the energy producing engines of complex life…05:05

-An analysis of human disconnection from our greatest energy source: light, beginning with covering our bodies with clothing to migrating to life indoors, and the negative effects of this disconnection for our health and well being…14:00

-Light is a free energy source that powered the evolution of complex life; photobiology is the study of light and its effects on the body (It is SO much more than merely some vitamin D!)…21:15

-A beautiful analogy of the sun as a painter, we are the masterpiece, and the wavelengths of light are the paintbrush and paint colors; expose yourself to the full spectrum of light to achieve the masterpiece that is YOU…26:30

-The human body is sensitive to the environment more than our broad culture understands, and some outstanding science has been silenced to keep it this way…36:00

-Nude beaches are more than places for positive body image: sunlight exposure on our reproductive organs is extremely energizing, plus an overview of the seven chakras…39:50

-Practical advice for how to expose your body to light, like removing your clothes, and also some tips appropriate for the workplace…46:35

-Specific guidance for easing your body into sunbathing, sun gazing, resetting circadian rhythms with sunrise and sunset awareness and experience, and sleep lenses…50:10

-The most potent energy from the sun is available surrounding solar noon for your region…54:20

-Sunscreen is laden with toxic chemicals and sunglasses affect the natural pupillary contraction response, causing more harm than good…1:00:40

-The personal practices that profoundly affect Matt in a positive way: use of blue light blocking lenses, reconnecting to his maker, cultivating his own inner light, and practicing meditation…1:08:20

Resources mentioned during the podcast:

Ra Optics website

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life by Robert Becker and Gary Selden

Going Somewhere: Truth about a Life in Science by Andrew Marino

The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollock

Melatonin: the Master Molecule by Arturo Solis Herrera

The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

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