From the Marine Corps to the A-List: Montel Williams Opens Up On Fighting MS, Medical Marijuana, Going Against Societal Grains and Much More!

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I am thrilled to be joined by a longtime friend of mine. Montel Williams is an Emmy award winning television personality, a decorated former Naval officer and New York times bestselling author, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur. And Montel is what I consider a true superhuman from mastering major challenges in his own life, like his decades long fight against multiple sclerosis and surviving a stroke, to dedicating his time to being in service to others. As a passionate advocate for veterans, medical cannabis and education on health Montel is a leader by example. He currently hosts the Lifetime show Military Make-Over with Montel.

And in addition to TV, he hosts two podcasts: “Free-Thinking” and “Let’s Be Blunt with Montel”.

In my conversation with Montel Williams, you’ll hear:

-How Montel became an internationally-acclaimed talk show host…02:37

-Struggling with MS while on top of the world…12:00

-Advice for those dealing with life’s curve balls…16:20

-Becoming an advocate for medical marijuana…20:34

-About the “Let’s Be Blunt” podcast…25:00

-A New World made from hemp…28:15

-The explosion of psychedelic research on PTSD…34:20

-How the United States can become more, well, united…39:45

-The practices that have most positively impacted Montel’s life…46:15

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