Nadine Artemis on Holistic Oral Health, Fluoride and Glycerin Dangers, Oil Pulling, Mercury Filling Side Effects and More

Waking up with a bright and healthy smile, ready to kiss the day is not just desirable on a cosmetic level, it is actually fundamental to our overall health and wellbeing. Our teeth are, literally, alive. And the health of our oral microbiome has a profound influence on our gut health, our mental health and immune system. And we can take charge of our oral health.

On today’s show I speak with Nadine Artemis, she is a leading voice in successful self-dentistry practice and has profound knowledge about rejuvenating teeth and gums holistically. Nadine is the author of Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums. She is also the founder of Living Libations, the renegade beauty company that provides unique organic products for inside out beauty, health and wellness.

In this episode with Nadine Artemis, you’ll discover:

-“Botanical-biotics”: essential oils and plant-based methods for oral health…02:30

-Plants have selective intelligence which is crucial to maintain bacterial harmony in our bodies…06:25

-The mouth microbiome is strongly tied to the gut microbiome…09:05

-Saliva: a little ocean in our mouths…10:00

-Teeth have a lymphatic system, key to keeping our teeth clean and healthy with enzymes…11:50

-Cavities are a side effect of some underlying deficiency in the body…15:15

-Want those blinging white teeth? They come from within…17:15

-Nadine recommends having 2 toothbrushes: one electric and one ionic…19:50

-How to properly clean and store your toothbrushes…23:25

-Toothpaste: the down and dirty about ingredients…25:45

-Fluoride may cause a whole host of side effects; in general, it makes tissue stiff and bones soft because it disrupts our enzymatic system…28:10

environmental working group website for looking up chemical ingredients and potential risks…32:50

-Natural toothpaste: Nadine recommends to avoid glycerin…33:30

-Conventional mouthwash is not your friend; try a homemade recipe or oil pulling instead…34:55

-Learn what a biological dentist is and does…37:05

-Mercury fillings: what they do, what they cause, and how to get them removed…38:20

-Nadine’s personal favorite protocols for oral health…42:45

-Follow and support Nadine’s work…46:35

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