Reclaiming Your Cosmic Legacy: Shaman Durek on Spiritual Sovereignty

Welcome to an extraordinary episode of Superhumanize, with a conversation that I promise you, will touch the essence of your being. Imagine stepping into a realm where ancient wisdom meets modern mysticism, where the power of spirituality transcends the boundaries of the known, and where every word holds the potential to catalyze profound shifts within. Today, we’re joined by none other than Shaman Durek.

A 6th generation Shaman, Shaman Durek is an evolutionary innovator, spirit hacker, and visionary for the New Age, or rather the Now Age, as he calls it, with a strong focus on the evolution of humanity, while also simplifying our experience through common sense practices.

Shaman Durek is a sought after international speaker and thought leader and author of the bestselling book Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World.

His teachings have impacted thousands of people from all walks of life including diverse public figures, CEO’s, mental health experts and a global clientele. H Edition calls him ” Shaman of Our Times” – applying ancient wisdom to our modern problems and demystifying spirituality by making it attainable and understandable for everyone.

In my conversation with Shaman Durek, you’ll discover:

-What exactly is a shaman, and what does he/she do?…02:20

-Ariane relates her desire to embrace her femininity in a hyper masculine paradigm…07:27

-How Shaman Durek supports facilitating true empowerment through individuals he works with…12:41

-What kind of world would we live in if judgment of others (and ourselves) was removed from the equation?…15:52

-Shaman Durek shares his own journey as a shaman, from being chosen to this calling as a baby to the present…27:39

-Prayer is not a supplication for what we want; it’s gratitude for what we’ve received…34:38

-The way in which we learn massively impacts how we perceive the world, how we respond to the world…44:39

-Shaman Durek discusses the spirit, and how we can encounter the spiritual realm…49:15

-“The reluctance to shine my light had to do with my warped perception of what power is…54:57

-And much more!

Resources mentioned:

Shaman Durek’s website 

Spirit Hacking book

Lit-Vibe Meditation App

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