Rewriting the Narrative: Val Emanuel On Sustainable Menstrual Healthcare and Female Empowerment

Today, I’m happy to introduce Val Emanuel, a pioneering force in women’s health and environmental sustainability. As the co-founder of Rif Care, Val is revolutionizing menstrual health with organic eco-friendly products made from regenerative hemp fiber.

Val’s journey is one of resilience and innovation. After confronting significant reproductive health challenges, she turned to holistic healing methods, which led her to identify a gap in the market for safe, effective, and eco-friendly menstrual products.

In our conversation, Val and I delve into the importance of risk-taking, female empowerment, the need to change the narrative around menstruation, and the profound link between caring for our bodies and our planet. We explore historical and cultural perspectives on menstruation, debunking stigmas and celebrating the powerful natural processes that connect us to the Earth.

In my conversation with Val, you’ll discover:

-Personal health challenges that led Val to starting the RIF CARE business…03:27

-Biggest misconceptions and judgments around a woman’s menstruation…08:10

-How to get the dialogue started re: demystifying the female menstrual cycle…11:56

-Deeply ingrained misogyny in pop culture regarding blood and a woman’s period…15:46

-Follow the money: how big is the woman’s menstrual cycle market?…21:20

-Obstacles encountered creating eco-friendly women’s products…23:44

-How can policymakers and community leaders can better support menstrual equity?…27:10

-How improving access to menstrual health resources can potentially influence the broader economic landscape for women…32:41

-Advice for young women who want to challenge societal norms re: female menstrual cycles…38:30

-A reality TV show Val is currently involved with…40:04

-And much more…

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