From Conception to Crib: A Revolutionary Approach to Prenatal Health with Vida Delrahim & Ronit Menashe

Welcome to another transformative episode of Superhumanize, the podcast where we delve into the cutting edge of biohacking, wellness, and human optimization. I am Ariane Sommer, and if you’re on a quest to elevate your life, both physically and spiritually, you’re in the right place.

Today, we have a conversation that’s going to shift paradigms and perhaps change how you view one of life’s most profound experiences—pregnancy and parenthood. I’m thrilled to be joined by the female powerhouse duo, Ronit Menashe and Vida Delrahim, the co-founders of WeNatal. Their groundbreaking work is not only shifting the dialogue surrounding women’s health but also challenging society’s long-held assumptions about gender roles in healthcare and fertility.

One of the things that sets WeNatal apart is their holistic approach to prenatal care, offering supplements for BOTH women and men. Yes, you heard that right. They believe that the journey towards parenthood is a partnership, from preconception to post-delivery, and their products reflect this shared responsibility.

Today, we are going to explore the science of prenatal optimization, dig into the often-neglected role of men in this journey, and challenge societal norms that limit both genders. And if you are someone who loves to hear about audacious entrepreneurship and female leadership, stick around.

Ronit and Vida are here to inspire you to manifest your vision into the world.

In this episode with Vida and Ronit, you’ll discover:

-How their personal devastating losses leads to exploring and exposing massive holes in prenatal care…03:00

-Discovering keys to prenatal care, including the vital need for the man’s health in the role of conceiving children…07:30

-Setting the record straight on deeply ingrained misconceptions regarding women bearing children…11:30

-Challenges faced and overcome as female entrepreneurs founding WeNatal17:15

-Stunning discoveries in a close examination of existing prenatal supplements and products…

-How “trimester zero” sets up a baby for optimal health…22:25

-Exciting news about the new Omega 3 supplement WeNatal has just launched…29:10

-How the idea of a prenatal supplement for men was initially received 🙂 …31:00

-Major differences in the formulation between the male and female versions of the supplement…35:15

-A personal practice of Vida and Ronit that contributes to their success…41:30

-And much more!

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We Natal website

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