The Age of Agelessness: Extending Human Lifespan with Dr. Alexandra Bause

In today’s episode of Superhumanize, we are talking about the potential of human longevity and the science of aging with a fascinating figure in the field, Dr. Alexandra Bause. A co-founder at Apollo Health Ventures, Alexandra stands for groundbreaking research and entrepreneurial innovation with the focus of extending human healthspan. With a Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School, her expertise in cellular aging’s molecular mechanisms is foundational for understanding of longevity. Alexandra honed her skills in BCG’s healthcare practice, specializing in biopharma strategy, an experience that now informs her approach to selecting the next generation of health and longevity startups.

In our conversation we look at the challenges and ethical considerations of extending human lifespan as well as the incredible potential in the future of longevity. From integrating longevity interventions into the healthcare system to the societal implications of extended lifespans, we cover the spectrum of topics that sit at the heart of the longevity debate.

Join us as Alexandra shares the criteria for investing in biotech companies, the potential of current projects at Apollo Health Ventures, and her vision for the field’s evolution over the next decade. This episode is not just a peek into the future of health and longevity; it’s a roadmap for how we might navigate the complexities of extending human life, the impact on societal structures, and the ethical landscapes we must walk through. Welcome to a conversation that challenges the boundaries of what it means to live a long, healthy life.

In this episode with Alexandra, you’ll discover:

-Alexandra shares a bit of her personal story and training…02:30

-Key lessons and breakthroughs while founding Apollo…07:55

-The most significant findings about cellular aging that could be targeted to increase human health span…12:08

-New ventures Apollo is exploring involving researching the gut microbiome…18:55

-Big challenges in translating longevity research into practical interventions…26:35

-How do you see the field of longevity and healthspan extension evolving over the next decade?…29:12

-How extended longevity might alter our traditional views of life’s milestones or education, career retirement, etc….33:50

-How a significantly extended human lifespan will affect the future course of human evolution….42:04

-And much more!

Resources mentioned:

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