The Longevity Blueprint: Decoding Lifespan Mysteries & What Animals Teach Us About Aging with Dr Steven Austad

Welcome back to Superhumanize, where we look at all things optimizing your life – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Today, we venture deep into the mysteries of longevity and are honored to host a conversation with Dr. Steven Austad, a pioneer in the field of aging research whose life story reads like an adventure novel.

Dr. Austad’s journey is as fascinating as his research. From an English Literature graduate at UCLA to a taxi driver, and a wild animal trainer for TV and film, to getting a Ph.D. im Biological Sciences from Purdue University and becoming globetrotting scientist studying the world’s most fascinating creatures his eclectic background has not only shaped his perspective but also his approach to aging research. His books, including “Why We Age” and “Methuselah’s Zoo,” have reached audiences worldwide, translating the complex science of aging into compelling stories and accessible insights.

His groundbreaking work not only uncovers the secrets behind the longevity of species like the opossum and Greenland shark but also how these findings can shed light on our human path to a healthier, longer life.

In our conversation, Steven shares insights from his latest explorations in the field of aging, looking at the science of why we age and how studying animals from all corners of the Earth – from the depths of the ocean to the highest skies – has revealed nature’s hidden blueprints for longevity.

But it’s not just about living longer; it’s about living better. Steven’s research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and his role in shaping the future of aging research show us the possibilities of extending our healthspan, ensuring that our years are full of vitality. And this is right up our alley here at the Superhumanize Podcast where we strive to elevate human potential and explore the frontiers of becoming superhuman.

In this episode with Dr. Austad, you’ll discover:

-Steven’s backstory and events leading up to studying human biology…02:36

-Insights into why humans and animals age…08:30

-Some of the more interesting animals Steven has researched and studied…12:30

-Do we have the possibility to potentially achieve the extreme lifespan extension?…30:40

-Why has the American lifespan actually decreased compared to other Western countries?…34:50

-Biohacks that can aid a healthy lifestyle in increasing longevity…38:50

-Fasting vs. caloric restriction and how they affect longevity…43:55

-Antioxidant protocols or hormone therapy, particularly bioidentical hormone replacement with regards to slowing the aging process down….49:15

-Moral and ethical considerations when transferring blood from younger people into an aging body…53:50

-A practice that has benefitted Steven’s personal lifestyle…01:00:15

-And much more!

Resources mentioned:

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