Trance States and Transformation: Dr. David Spiegel on the Science and Healing Power of Hypnosis

Welcome back to another episode of Superhumanize, where we dive deep into the spirit and the science of self-optimization and explore cutting edge approaches to health and wellness. Today, we’re incredibly fortunate to have a true pioneer with us, Dr. David Spiegel, Associate Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the Director of the Center on Stress and Health, as well as the Medical Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Stanford University.

Dr. Spiegel has not only shaped our understanding of the mind-body connection but has revolutionized how we think about medical hypnosis. With over four decades of research, his work has illuminated the therapeutic powers of hypnosis, showing it to be a formidable ally against pain, anxiety, and stress. From groundbreaking studies on psycho-oncology to his eye-opening insights on how hypnosis can modify brain function, Dr. Spiegel’s contributions have been nothing short of transformative.

Dr. Spiegel is also the co-founder of the Reveri app and his mission is to make the power and immediate effectiveness of self-hypnosis available to everyone.

In my conversation with Dr. Spiegel, you’ll discover:

-What drew Dr. Spiegel specifically to the practice of hypnosis as a means of psychotherapy…01:38

-What does the latest brain imaging studies reveal about the neurological effects of hypnosis?…07:30

-Why commercialized hypnosis shows do more harm than good regarding bringing credibility to the craft…15:30

-Ariane goes through a live test to reveal her “hypnotizability” (yes, that’s really a word!)…22:40

-Success stories and surprising outcomes from Dr. Spiegel’s practice of hypnosis…32:05

-How does hypnosis actually interact with the cognitive and emotional processes to improve mental health?…35:23

-How hypnotherapy can help in reconnecting neural pathways damaged by past trauma…40:23

-Is hypnotherapy compatible with ketamine therapy?…46:40

-Upcoming challenges and questions to answer in the realm of hypnotherapy…54:50

-Ethical considerations for psychiatrists and neuroscientists to address re: these powerful neuromodulatory techniques…56:20

-And much more!

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