Mindfulness, MDMA, and Mental Wellness: Exploring the Convergence of Psychedelic Therapy and Technology with Dr. David Rabin

Today, we are venturing into the confluence of neuroscience, psychiatry, and technological innovation with Dr. David Rabin, a board-certified psychiatrist, neuroscientist and a leading figure in the realm of mental health. Dr. Rabin’s groundbreaking work, from the therapeutic use of ketamine to exploring MDMA’s potential in treating mental illnesses, underscores his commitment to reimagining mental health care.

Dr. Rabin co-founded Apollo Neuroscience, introducing a wearable device that mirrors the therapeutic effects of MDMA, offering a novel pathway to mental and emotional wellbeing without pharmacological intervention. His work redifines our understanding of stress and trauma, promising profound new ways for healing.

As we dissect the science behind MDMA’s capacity to foster the sense of safety necessary for healing, and explore how Apollo Neuro replicates this, this episode is an invitation to redefine what’s possible in our quest for mental health guided by one of the field’s most dynamic figures.

In my conversation with Dr. Rabin, you’ll discover:

-The journey from concept to reality for Apollo Neuro…02:17

-Scientific principles to improve stress resilience, mental health and general wellbeing…05:30

-Many ailments are the result of the body not being in a calm state for prolonged periods of time…09:44

-Surprises and victories in the first years of the device’s existence…16:57

-What are the most promising developments in ketamine therapy today?…22:43

-The neurobiological mechanisms that underpin ketamine rapid antidepressant effects, and how these differ from traditional antidepressants…30:43

-Effects of MDMA and vibrational therapy provided by Apollo Neuro in regard to how they regulate the amygdala’s response to trauma…40:44

-How to connect with Dr. Dave, and see if the Apollo Neuro is right for you…48:32

-And much more…

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