Words That Shape Reality: Mastering the Art of Positive Affirmations with Candice Nikeia

Today we are talking about a topic that, while seemingly simple, holds the key to unlocking profound shifts in our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. It’s about the words we whisper to ourselves in moments of doubt, the phrases we use to push through the last mile of a marathon, or the mantra we repeat to keep our focus sharp during a day packed with back-to-back meetings. I’m talking about positive affirmations – those powerful tools in our arsenal for personal transformation and peak performance that too often get overlooked.

Joining us is manifestation influencer and motivational speaker Candice Nikeia, whose recent book Affirmations for Manifestation features 365 affirmations focusing on positivity, building self-love and changing your life by practicing devotional-style daily affirmations. A book that is not just meant to be read, but to be experienced, challenging you to reflect on your inner dialogue and to transform it into a catalyst for personal growth and success.

Join us for actionable strategies to harness the power of affirmations in our daily lives, as well as insights into the science of habit formation and the psychology of self-talk. This is a conversation about the art of living a life aligned with your highest aspirations.

In my conversation with Candice, you’ll discover:

-Candice’s inspiring journey from a small Indiana town to a globally-known influencer in the wellness space…02:03

-What is “manifestation” and why you should know about it even if you’re skeptical of its efficacy…07:21

-The one affirmation Candice relies on above all others…13:38

-How to become aware of the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from true success…17:30

-How to distinguish between “positive thinking” and genuinely transforming a limiting belief…23:30

-Ariane and Candice share some of their favorite tools for positive affirmations…28:50

-The key to building a deep and authentic connection with a large number of followers…31:25

-And much more!

Resources mentioned:

Manifestation with Candice website

Affirmations for Manifestation by Candice Nikeia

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